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Pizzatron 3000 Secert April 23, 2007

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hey people, this is Keelty, posting a secret for pizzatron 300o.

when you get on the m,ain menu, click on the little lever on the bottom of the machine and click play… it will be candytron instead, like marshmellows, licorice, etc. -Keelty


5 Responses to “Pizzatron 3000 Secert”

  1. mascart Says:

    kl! (although i already knew it!)
    Is anything gona happen wiv the gang at anytime?

  2. mascart Says:

    hi keetly, mascart here. Just thought that I would say that I am still the co-leader and I will keep working for the CPS. I am ready to take your next command.

  3. mascart Says:

    Hey keetly, it would be grately appriciated if you could reply.
    And if you don’t want to do this anymore, please let me be the leader.

  4. mascart Says:


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