Club Penguin

see keelty on club penguin

places to go in club penguin January 7, 2007

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Town Center
Coffee Shop
Book Room
Night Club
Gift Shop
The Lighthouse
Pirate Ship: The Migrator
(arrives every two months)
Ski Village
Sport Shop
Ski Lodge
The Mountain
Secret Agent Headquarters (HQ)
Snow Forts
Ice Rink
Player’s Igloos
Boiler Room
Ice Caves
Mine Shaft
Lodge Attic   that is all, until they add a new room!


6 Responses to “places to go in club penguin”

  1. pipy27 Says:

    Yo Mascart! this is pipy27, leader of the CPF. come to to see the comment I made. I would love to work together to destroy the CPF! go to my blog!

  2. pipy27 Says:

    oh yeah, there is something saying that i do not want to do it. I was just kidding
    read the second comment I made

  3. mascart Says:

    oh yeah! Cool!
    mascart,(co-leader of the CPS)

    P.S. in your first comment you made on this page you said that ‘we can destroy the CPF’, isn’t that u?
    plz comment!

  4. hi mascart,
    plz comment soon i have been on the CPR ssite abd they have alot of informtion! plz comment soon thanks!
    keelty, leader of the CPS.

  5. Hunter Says:

    I love Club Penguin its a blast!!!!!!

  6. sparkles9571 Says:

    you forgot the forest and the cove

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