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Rockhopper December 14, 2006

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Rockhopper has been seen several times on club penguin already!! He goes on ice berg, and switches around places every few minutes. If you see him, post in a comment, when and where you saw him so that we can know the most times he goes on. I know that he mostly goes on at 12:00 (noon) on ice berg, but there is a possibility that he may go on other servers as well.
Thanks to Bronto we now know that he also goes on MAMMOTH, and at 3:00. keep commenting!


4 Responses to “Rockhopper”

  1. bronto Says:

    i saw rockhopper 3 times in mammoth server yesterday i tink it is about3,4 o’clock

  2. I saw Rockhopper! BTW nice site! Keep up the good work!

  3. gellitan Says:

    thanks if u like this site, join the CPS…(club penguiin spies)

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